When photos are not enough

An interview we did in World of Photography about ItsMeSee, published august 2017.

When Photos are not enough

To be an independent designer or run a small brand is very hard as it requires lots of funding and a very broad skill set. The most difficult challenge is to get access to a growing client base and steady income. We know this because we have been working with our own brand for several years. All existing infrastructure is well guarded and expensive to pass.

We started to develop a platform for showing fashion on a global scale, without having to rely on any of the gate keepers or existing systems (like fashion shows or traditionally media).

It seems a digital footprint is the only way to accurately ensure longevity for your brand. “Ten years ago, advertising had much stronger channels to the consumer than today. “Advertisements in magazines, on TV, and the Internet were largely unavoidable for the consumer. It is not so anymore as you can record programs and let the TV filter off all commercials before seeing them, and there is also streaming with no commercials at all. Pop-ups and ads can easily be blocked in browsers. Reach and impressions used to define how well an advertisement was going and how many eyeballs it got. Over the last few years this has changed drastically. Now it is about how much the consumer engages with the product that defines the success of marketing. Product presentation, in useful, engaging tools, where the consumer has all the control, is the only way to be around the next 10 years.”

To this end, ItsMeSee put consumers in the central, primary position, allowing them to virtually try on any combination of apparel for look and fit. The combination of technology used makes the system smooth and user-friendly. “The digital representation with exact individual body shape and measurements creates a highly personal experience. This gives consumers an opportunity to freely create their own looks but also the option of receiving automatic styling suggestions from an evolving, adaptive system.

ItsMeSee Blog is our way of gathering designers and fashion brands to our cause.

The digital media is very different from paper media, especially for fashion. Photography has many advantages, and it can tell a great story but it is a frozen moment.

For the fashion world, photography does not quite deliver everything needed. While it may look breath taking and beautiful, it does not give an individual view of a product you are considering purchasing. How would the clothes, shoes or jewelry look on you? How do they look in any combination with different lights? This is what we offer a solution for seeing instantly and real time, using advanced 3D simulation technologies.

As we are a startup, we need clients, before we can get funding. Our blog is one of the ways we reach out to both individual designers and fashion brands. We tell our story and explain what our purpose is.

So far, we have hit a tremendous market as we have gotten several hundred brands to sign up with our future product and thousands more have contacted us over the last two years.