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The ItsMeSee digitalization project has been working several years to create the most effective digital sales and marketing tool possible.

Several different technologies create the future medium for all kind of fashion.

Many designers are concerned the web stores are not representing their designs as good as they deserve. We build each clothing digitally down to the smallest detail. Every button, zipper and pocket works and helps give a realistic, dynamic presentation. Sizes are accurate and can be tried on adaptable digital mannequins, in any combination and style. This is as close to the real thing you can come without having the actual item present!

For the designer or fashion brand we let their own creation do the sales and marketing by making it stand out to the vast number of consumers in the busiest shopping street in the world, the internet.

People can now try on 3D interactive designs in a quality way beyond anything they have seen before!

USA Today wrote an article where the ItsMeSee concept was compared to others like the Amazone owned Zappos. This is what they wrote about ItsMeSee:

“If you really want to take your digital shopping experience to a never-before-seen level, ItsMeSee might be right up your alley. The company aims to eliminate buyer’s remorse by giving you as many techy shopping tools as you can handle, from basic sizing assistance all the way to creating a virtual clone able to try on an endless number of outfits.” (USA Today)

Our platform needs content and we are inviting fashion brands to join us and help fill it with amazing designs from around the world. Once we have collected and accepted enough brands, we will present these to our investors as part of our investment package.

Fashion designers and brands interested in being part of our pilot needs to contact us ASAP. If we accept your brand, we will send you a LOI (Letter Of Intent), which could be the basis for a contract later on.

For more information, please contact us at:

The ItsMeSee team


3 easy ways to succeed as a fashion designer

31 copy How can you succeed as a fashion designer?

Well, first of all, you need a huge amount of people to see your designs. Second you need a LOT of money! Third, well there is no third, that’s it.
Let me explain: if you can reach a lot of people and have enough money, you can market and sell just about any crap you can think of. This is the reason sports idols, movie stars, musicians and all kind of famous people start their own clothing or accessories lines and are successful with it. They have the money needed to hire all kind of people with different qualification to work for them and do everything they cannot do (which is just about everything) and the media writes about anything they do.
How to succeed only by making quality fashion?
Most fashion designers are really passionate about their creations and want as many people as possible to see, try on and use their designs. Wearing their own designs, walking down the street and have strangers stop them, asking where they have bought their clothes or accessories, it’s the definition of a good day.
The problem is, designers are designers. They are not marketing people (most of them), business people, logistical specialists, financial planners, negotiators, CEO’s, accountants, media specialists, SEO specialists or any of the long list of qualifications you need to succeed as a fashion designer today.
There are other ways to succeed, but they require unique opportunities (like you see in movies where Cindarella is “discovered” by a prince, who chase after her with only her shoe as a clue) or years and years of work and dedication (you need to start really young and will be quite old before you make ANY money at all).
ItsMeSee is simply a way of letting people all over the world try on clothes and accessories. Through our disruptive technology we want to help independent designers and brands compete with the largest brands in the world on their level. We use the attention our technology is getting to draw a large audience to our designers and brands. People can try on clothes, like they do in physical store, but with lots and lots of interesting clothes from designers and brands they normally will not have access to. We apply tons of fun stuff into this and makes the whole experience individual adaptable for each user. We let stylists create outfits of clothes from different brands and designers, creating something truly unique and interesting.
The technology is however only a backdrop. The stars people will see is the designers and the products they present in a new and interesting way. We want to build a long term relationship with the best of you but will offer all ambitious and talented designers an opportunity to reach a global audience, simply by offering products they like. You don’t have to negotiate with store owners or do compromise with your designs to make it fit into someone else’s idea about what should be the fashion this year. You don’t need to be accepted or pay the expenses of participate in tradeshows to meet middlemen who might or might not like your designs. Buyers who push down your profit to below zero before they offer to sell your clothes on commission for you.
Let’s cut out these middlemen and allow the consumer to decide whether your designs are worth buying or not. This is the way it should be and this is what we offer through our campaign and the channel we are developing for fashion designers and brands.
If you are a fashion designer, blogger, work in any media or might want to invest, feel free to contact us at:
For more information, please check out our blog:
We will try to answer any question you have.

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We are also looking for collaboration with fashion bloggers and fashion designers. We are going to create 3D simulation of clothes for our demo to different clothing brands and fashion designers around the world. They will send suggestion and we will ask bloggers to vote for the best clothes. Could you be interested to be one of them? We will link and direct media, designers and people to your blog.
If you are interested please email me at: