Vote for the fashion brands who have donated for ItsMeSee campaign

brands-donatedGuys, please vote for the designs of the fashion brands who have donated for ItsMeSee campaign:

SONDRELLA – voting gallery –

Heli MG – voting gallery –

Fikorus Jewelry – voting gallery –

Cataleya London – voting gallery –

SANA HASHMAT COUTURE – voting gallery –

Jenè Stefaniak – voting gallery –

Made in Montauk – voting gallery –

Far Far Away – voting gallery –

À la Modè – voting gallery –

nÅrsk – voting gallery –

This is a part of crowdfunding campaign for ItsMeSee: The clothes/accessories with most votes will have a chance to become a part of ITSMESEE 3D Interactive clothing/accessories.

ItsMeSee helps designers and brands

We will launch ItsMeSee crowdfunding campaign Friday August 1th

ItsMeSee is simply a way of letting people all over the world try on clothes and accessories.
Through our disruptive technology we want to help independent designers and brands compete with the largest brands in the world on their level. We use the attention our technology is getting to draw a large audience to our designers and brands. People can try on clothes, like they do in physical store, but with lots and lots of interesting clothes from designers and brands they normally will not have access to.

In the pilot, the clothing brands are the stars. The technology we introduce will only be the canvas our designers paint on.


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