ItsMeSee helps designers and brands

We will launch ItsMeSee crowdfunding campaign Friday August 1th

ItsMeSee is simply a way of letting people all over the world try on clothes and accessories.
Through our disruptive technology we want to help independent designers and brands compete with the largest brands in the world on their level. We use the attention our technology is getting to draw a large audience to our designers and brands. People can try on clothes, like they do in physical store, but with lots and lots of interesting clothes from designers and brands they normally will not have access to.

In the pilot, the clothing brands are the stars. The technology we introduce will only be the canvas our designers paint on.


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Blogger Cara Zamorski and Fashionswain




Hi! My name is Cara Zamorski and if you love fashion and trends…read on! I am very passionate about styling. Fashion makes me feel fun, flirty, happy, inspired, sexy, and confident. Fashion seduces me. Read about my latest flings with NY NJ Metro area’s hottest trends & events. Get inspired by my latest looks. Feel the seduction“, Cara Zamorski, Editor In Chief, www.




The technology/fashion blogger Amit Chandra writes also about ItsMeSee

amit chandra


The technology/fashion blogger Amit Chandra writes also about ItsMeSee at:

Enjoy: “With more and more advancements taking place in the fashion industry, innovative brains breed quantum of thought every day. And when I heard of an unusual online shopping store I found it difficult to fathom. The name of online store is ITSMESEE. And when I happened to talk to one of its founders, I found the whole idea to be a mouthwatering prospect. Being connected to fashion industry for so long has accorded her with vigor and panache to start on with a self initiated online shopping store which will be first of its king, using 3D simulation technology. Yeah !!! it belongs to an entirely different league altogetherAmit Chandra



VENTTA collaborates with ItsMeSee


БЛОГBorn as an idea in 2013, Through the eyes of VENTTA, became a free media that offers interesting material but it also gives the chance to people to express themselves. The blog is an essential part of – the most innovative online boutique in Bulgaria. Both are an expression of the world of fashion and much more. Veneta Miteva, the CEO, firmly believes that selling fashion online could be made so much more interactive and consumer friendly. Creativity and fast innovation is what defines fashion: creativity, innovation and a whole lot of fun is what defines Through the eyes of VENTTA. When you read our blog, you can expect a blog with a twist, classy, well-organized and pleasantly engaging content. The blog’s core idea is to collaborate with local and international bloggers, businesses, students etc. so that ideas finally become alive. We aim to listen to our audience, reflect on their desires and deliver accordingly.
Last but not least, Through the eyes of VENTTA is our THANK YOU for being part of our family! It is you – the people who are helping it grow and develop.
“Style is not only about the latest trends, in fact it is more about who you are. By offering a diverse catalog of styles, brands and prices would like to expand the horizons of Bulgarians so that the individuality of each of our client flourishes.”Veneta Miteva




Идеята за блога През погледа на VENTTA се появи през 2013 година, а малко по-късно се превърна в свободна социална медия. Блогът предлага интересни материали, но и дава възможност на всеки да се изяви. Проектът е част от – най-иновативният онлайн бутик в България. Синхронът между блога и сайта е олицетворение на света на модата. Дори повече от това. Венета Митева, директор на компанията, вярва, че онлайн пазаруването на модни стоки може да бъде много по-интерактивно с по-добър клиентски опит. Креативност и бързи иновации е синоним на модата; креативност, иновации и много забава е синоним на През погледа на VENTTA. Като читатели на нашия блог може да очаквате както разчупен блог и класика, така и добре организиран и приятно занимателен материал. Основната цел на блога е да колаборира с български и интернационални блогъри, бизнеси, студенти и т.н., така че идеите да стават реалност. Стремим се да Ви изслушваме и респективно да Ви предоставяме това, което желаете.
Не на последно място През погледа на VENTTA е нашето БЛАГОДАРЯ, затова, че сте част от нашето семейство! Вие сте тези, които помагат на блога да расте и да се развива.
„Стилът не се изразява само в модерното, а в това какви сте Вие. Искаме да разширим кръгозора на българина, като продължаваме да предлагаме разнообразен каталог от стилове, марки и цени. Идеята е да позволим на индивидуалността на всеки от Вас да процъфти.“ – Венета