3 things you need to succeed as a fashion designer

How can you succeed as a fashion designer?

Well, first of all, you need a huge amount of people to see your designs. Second you need a LOT of money! Third, well there is no third, that’s it.

Let me explain: if you can reach a lot of people and have enough money, you can market and sell just about any crap you can think of. This is the reason sports idols, movie stars, musicians and all kind of famous people start their own clothing or accessories lines and are successful with it. They have the money needed to hire all kind of people with different qualification to work for them, do what they cannot do (which is just about everything) and the media will write about it.

How to succeed only by making quality fashion?
Most fashion designers are really passionate about their creations and want as many people as possible to see, try on and use what they make. Wearing their own designs, walking down the street and have strangers stop them, asking where they have bought their clothes or accessories, it’s the definition of a good day.

The problem is, designers are designers. They are not marketing people, business people, logistical specialists, financial planners, negotiators, CEO’s, accountants, media specialists, SEO specialists or any of the long list of qualifications you need to succeed as a fashion designer.

There are other ways to succeed, but they require unique opportunities, like you see in movies where Cinderella is “discovered” by a prince, who chase after her with only her shoe as a clue. Otherwise you need years and years of hard work and dedication, start really young and will be quite old before you make ANY money at all.

ItsMeSee is simply a way of letting people all over the world try on clothes and accessories. Through our disruptive use of technologies we help independent designers and brands compete with the largest brands in the world on their level.

Using the attention our technology is already getting we draw a large audience to designers and brands working with us. People can try on their designs, like they do in physical store, but with lots and lots of interesting products from designers and brands they normally will not have access to. We apply tons of fun stuff into the presentation and makes the whole experience individually adaptable for each user. Stylists from all over the world will create outfits from different brands and designers, making something truly unique and interesting.

The technology is only a backdrop; the stars people will see is the designers and the products they have, presented in a new and interesting way. We want to build a long term relationship with the best and will offer all ambitious and talented designers an opportunity to reach a global audience through the hub we are already creating.

You will not have to negotiate with store owners or do compromises with your designs to make it fit into someone else’s idea about what should be the fashion this year. You don’t need to be accepted or pay dearly for participation in trade shows where you meet middlemen who might or might not like your designs or buyers who push down your profit below zero before they offer to sell on commission for you.

Let’s cut out these middlemen and allow the consumer decide whether your designs are worth buying or not. This is the way it should be and this is what we offer through our campaign and the channel we are developing for fashion designers and brands. Good design sells itself if all the right customers are able to try it on for fit and look.

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Why Major fashion is dying so fast

In this article about Ralph Lauren you can read how the brand is falling in value and keep losing customers. Their relatively new CEO Stefan Larsson quits with following statement from Ralph Lauren himself:

We have found that we have different views on how to evolve the creative and consumer-facing parts of the business”.

“Larsson’s departure will come as a surprise to many, at a time when the company is attempting to inject more excitement around its clothing and products, known for their preppy styles, to attract younger consumers and move away from its reliance on wholesale and heavy discounting”.

The thing is, almost no young people today even know who Ralph Lauren is. Why is that?

I believe it has a lot to do with the transition into the digital age. People are doing everything online, both browsing and shopping fashion. There was a time when people was reading fashion magazines on paper or watched movies on TV, everything heavily saturated with branding commercials. Now, paper magazines as well as the value of TV commercials are dropping like flies as people are changing to online articles and streaming Select Movies and TV programs.

Old-School brands are falling into oblivion as they cannot use location or pure marketing muscles to keep their brand valuable for the young consumer. If you Google Ralph Lauren, you will find lots of 70% discounts and not much else of interest.

Ten years from now, the value of a brand name will be synonym with the quality and absolute adaptation to all the possibilities of the digital media. It will not be enough to take traditional photos to create a digital version of a paper catalogue, as most do today. The consumer will expect a brick and mortar experience, with Artificial Intelligence helping to find your ultimate choices in a thousandth of a second from tens of thousands of fashion brands from all over the planet. A system that adapt to you and instantly show the best possible combinations for your look, taste and wallet. Today’s hunt and gather solutions will be consider as obsolete as it is when it comes to your everyday food consumption.

The future belongs to those able to see and to adapt.

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