Seeking brands for ItsMeSee fashion hub


If millions of people all over the world can try on your designs, most of the job is done.The design will sell itself.

ItsMeSee is marketing and sales directly to the customers. People from all over the world can look at each fashion item like if they had it in their hand. They can even try it on for individual fit and look and order directly!

Logo 2

How much will this cost the brand?

If we choose to work with your brand, we do all the digitalization and simulation work at our cost. Each simulation could take 100 man hrs or more to get to the level and quality we set as standard. The simulation will be like nothing you or your new customers have ever seen before!

Our whole purpose is to boost sales for the brands we cooperate with. We keep 20% of sales price from what we sell through the ItsMeSee fashion hub.

Each brand keep their own stock and ship out the products ordered. ItsMeSee is a pure marketing and sales channel.

If we cannot help increase your sales, we will not make money and it will not cost you anything. But if we can make your brands grow exponentially, as we expect we can, we will make tons of money and so will you.

Two Letters of Intent

Is your fashion brand interested, sign Letter of Intent (LOI) with us (not a contract, only a show of interest) and your brand will be considered for a contract. Send us a presentation of you and your brand and we will send you two LOI’s, one for participating on the pilot and one for being part of our fashion hub.

Please contact us: iva “at”




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