What you wear says a lot about you



What you wear says a lot about you. If you are always wearing the perfect outfit, it says you are willing to spend most of your time looking for clothes.

Finding clothes is much like hunting. You need to be willing to spend lots of time doing it and you need to know where to look. As a sport, it can be great fun, but if you don’t have the time or patience, it can be too much of a bother and you end up compromising.

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Imagine a store, where you find a tie with white dots. Liking it, you instruct the store you want something to go with the tie. Now it is possible to scroll through hundreds of complete outfits, one more amazing than the next. The clothes you end up buying may come from different brands from around the world.

If you choose, the clothes goes directly to a tailor first. A technical drawing of each clothing gives the tailor exact instructions of what adjustments to do, perfectly fitting to your body.

Buying the perfect clothes fast, easy and pleasantly should be a part of your daily life.

ItsMeSee is building these services and will soon make it the only way.

If you are an investor or own a luxury fashion brand, please contact us:



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