We are looking for a serious partner


Buying clothes is time consuming and inefficient today. As online stores only offer photos of garments, the conversion rate is very low.

Bringing online shopping closer to traditional Brick and Mortar and at the same time dramatically enhance the presentation quality gives the consumer a greater confidence & satisfaction when purchasing online – introducing a novel approach to developing online brand loyalty.

The Market Potential

Online portable devices usage is becoming a way of life. Billions of fashion consumers all over the world are starving for a better solution for fashion online, as are traditional brands. The global apparel/footwear market is $2 trillion and brick and mortar sales are stagnating. Online is the only way to grow for both major as well as small/medium size brands.

According to Forrester Research:

·       $2 Trillion global apparel and footwear category continues to convert to digital at upwards of 11% per year (CAGR)

·       75% of ecommerce leaders surveyed listed “personalization capabilities” as a top priority

·       62% of US Online adults have chosen, recommended or paid more for a brand that provides more personalized service or experience

Our solution

ItsMeSee combines the best of a bricks-and-mortar apparel shopping experiences with convenience, efficiency, accuracy and personalization that an on-line purchase can provide.

This $2 Trillion global apparel market attributes roughly 20% of retail sale to online purchases and it is in the best interest of all for that number to grow. One of the keys to build long-term brand loyalty online is delivering a memorable and reliable brand experience.

We address specific and concrete consumer pain-points, which are plentiful and growing:

  • Not being able to quickly get an individual look and accurately try-on before online purchase
  • Slow and clumsy browsing with existing tools
  • Difficult to mix brands to find “the perfect outfit” – a Gucci dress with Prada purse?
  • Translating two-dimensional clothing presentation to a digital and real-life 3D world.

And for the manufacturer:

  • Ineffective traditional marketing tactics
  • Time and cost to market is limiting both mature and new brands.
  • Instant feedback (meta data) from the market is very hard to get, rarely analyzed and ridden with mistakes that devastate any brand.

A truly successful a product needs to be 10x better in minimum one important way! The ItsMeSee solution is easily a 10x improvement of all the pains described above.

Why should you partner with us?

Fashion, the third largest industry in the world, is experiencing a huge shift towards digital for online sales and marketing – increasing the possibility for profit with the right team & solution. Competition for brand loyalty is high – our concept is a truly unique combination of technologies that leverages the benefits of visual-based data (processed 60,000x faster than text) with an engaging gaming engine to:

(1) Build a memorable consumer experience

(2) Improve online sales conversion rates

(3) Provide a platform for smaller designers to market and sell

(4) Analyze consumer trends in a completely new (visual) way

What we are building is a “computer game”, where the reward is to experience real clothes on a personalized digital version of yourself at the speed of your mind and eye.

We are looking for a partner who can help us build a visually high quality first person computer game. Someone who understands the impact such a solution can have and who are not afraid of the challenge of such a project.

Contact – iva(at)itsmesee.com

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