Sinapsi Compositive – boost your creativity

The deck of cards Sinapsi Compositive is a powerful tool to help the designer’s creativity in design and fashion.

In the design phase, of an object or a collection of clothes for example, extracting one or three cards will activate a chain of stimuli, through a personal interpretation, will give strength and vigor to the project during construction!
Thanks to objects, drawings, citations and set of symbols in each card, will be born a magnetism, almost by magic, will direct the project favorably.
The objects, chosen based on intertwined logical, are part of the “design system” and “fashion system”. Every object, of forty-eight selected, is the bearer of a number of listed suggestions, by association of ideas and influences. Six cards are dedicated to abstract entities and, along with two Jokers, evoke specific suggestions.
A drawing accompanies each card and the representation, related to objects, it contributes activating perceptual and formal associations, to enrich the intricate network of meanings and references. The “reading” is different each time and always open to new interpretations in relation to the project that is being developed.
Each object is associated with a citation from authors gravitating around the world of the project. The association between the citation and the subject is sometimes direct, other times evocative and sometimes fleeting; still it manages to be the bridge for further, personal, interpretative stimuli.
Symbols are the part most enigmatic and mysterious in every card, they respond to the position in the grid within which lies to its predominated characteristics in relation to the following factors: function, rule, ornament, arbitral (will); texture, structure, form, modulus.
Organized on the structure of French playing cards, the Sinapsi Compositive has as primary referent the divining cards Sibyls, especially for graphical relationship between text and image, and the Oblique Strategies by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt (published in 1975) dedicated to music and painting.


The app is downloadable from: (Android) (IOS)



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