ItsMeSee is seeking investors

Iva and monitor

A completely new experience to fashion retail. The consumers can try on fashion, in a way very similar to what they can do in physical stores, only much faster and with clothes from all over the world. Most people need more information than photos can provide to feel comfortable buying clothes online.

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ItsMeSee benefits

– Simulated clothes with a detail level way beyond photos.

– Exact measures, rendering all the S, M, L sizing systems irrelevant.

– Put together outfits on a mannequin with your shape, look and measures.

– Scroll on a hundred items a minute; fast, intuitive, organic and pleasant.

– Global reach and availability minutes after simulations are ready. Availability is the best marketing tool and time to market is a key factor.

ItsMeSee removes obstacles holding back the online growth of fashion

Fashion brands from all over the world is contacting us every day, we need investors!

Together with investors, we will establish HQ in Singapore and production in the Philippines.

Contact us:

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