To fashion designers and brands interested in our project



To be a fashion designer is a lonesome, expensive and often frustrating job. We know all about this. ItsMeSee wants to help all fashion brands and designers grow a name and expand their market to a level where all these frustrations are gone. Our crowdfunding campaign is for those of you with international ambitions and who are willing to do the job needed to succeed. The donation of $25 for each item you participate with is sat at this level so every one of you should be able to afford to participate with at least one item. $25 is the average amount people donate in a crowdfunding campaign.
Your campaigning
There is however another price (isn’t it always?) you have to pay to succeed with your products within our campaign; each of you has to do campaigning for your product and the crowdfunding campaign. You have to start now as it will be a tough competition to get chosen for our pilot. We need to have several hundred brands and designers with us, participating with as many items as possible. We also need other people join our campaign to spread the word and donate.
We want to market you now
If you want us to start marketing you, send us pictures of what you want to participate with (you can change these items once the campaign start) and we will tell the world about you and your products. Even if you decide to not donate later on and withdraw your items from our campaign, we are still happy to tell the world about you now.
The crowdfunding campaign
Once the campaign starts (sometime in July we hope) we start another marketing campaign together with all the bloggers we work with and the media connections we have for each of the items you donate to participate with.
Whatever you decide to participate with, we want you to be happy to have been part of the campaign. You will get exposure and who knows what other opportunities your participation will bring you and your designs. The money you donate, if it is for one or for hundred items, we want you to feel the marketing alone is worth your donations.
If we are able to succeed with this campaign and your designs are being part of our pilot, the real marketing starts: Everything we create a simulation of will be displayed and talked about in media all over the world. We hope and believe millions of people will try our new browsing and shopping simulations in the pilot and thereby see your items time and time again. Our goal is to give you as much attention as possible and spread your contact information and brand to everyone interested. If we are able to create an international star out of you and your products, we know we have done a good job.

 Contact us at:

This is what you can do
1. Like our FB page and get your contacts to do the same (so you keep updated about what is happening and at the same time spread the campaign to your contacts)
2. Follow our blog, and get your contacts to do the same:
3. Follow us on Twitter: @itsmeseedotcom
4. Start telling your contacts about the campaign and ask them to vote for your designs (we will send you a link when we start the crowdfunding)
5. If you have any media contacts, tell them about the campaign and ask them to write about it.


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