nÅrsk and Ivelina Dagsvold

My name is Ivelina Dagsvold and I am fashion designer and founder of the Norwegian fashion brand nÅrsk.

The designs always provoke and attract attention. The clothes are created to distinguish the wearer from the crowd and show personality.  This again gives comfort and confidence.

People ask me why I named my brand “nÅrsk”, with the Norwegian letter “Å” a mix of A and O (an A with an o on top). So, I am foreigner and I misspelled the word “Norsk (Norwegian)”





Contact information

Webpage: http://www.norskfashion.com

Blog: http://www.narskfashion.wordpress.com

About Ivelina Dagsvold






It is about something I have always dreamed about – becoming a fashion designer.My first step was start studying Art and Design at Oslo University College. I have always asked myself why I usually take the difficult way – and the answer is so easy – because there is no easy way“You just jump into the water and or you get drawn or you start learning swimming”. It is a part of the growth.

So I showed my first collection at Oslo fashion Week, later participated at different fashion trades as Prêt-à-Porter, Paris, different fashion exhibitions. I participated at the TV reality shows “Designerspirene” (a Norwegian version of project Runway) and “Oh My God”, Migrapolis, NRK.

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