Looking for bloggers and designers

Hi, we have started to round up designers who want to participate with their articles (clothes, jewelry, bags, hats and other accessories) to get them created into 3D simulation and displayed in our pilot project.

Just about every designer we contact want to participate with one or more item. Still, we need more participants to make it interesting. If you can post this in your blog to attract the attention of designers it would be great:
Message to any designers out there:


ItsMeSee is starting a crowdfunding campaign to finance the production (so you do not have to pay what it cost). You donate $25 for each article you want to participate with (once the crowdfunding starts in beginning of July sometime). We put it on our blog; https://itsmeseeblog.com/, FB page: https://www.facebook.com/grundergruppa and send it to bloggers we work with. They will also post it on their blog and ask their readers for comments and votes. We set up a page for voting of each item and you, the bloggers and others who want, can vote for different categories (clothes, bags, jewelries and other accessories).

If you want to participate, you can send us pictures of what you want to enter into our crowdfunding competition and we will post it already now.

Once the project start you can donate for your items on Indiegogo (we will send you a link when it is ready).

This is a video, describing what ItsMeSee does: https:https://vimeo.com/93966968
And here is an article about our project in USA Today:

There are no guarantee for anything, but with a successful campaign we are quite certain there will be a lot of interest from both media and people around the world. This will be a unique possibility for getting exposure and publicity for designers and their products.

If you know any designers please let them know about our campaign. Feel free to contact us at: iva@itsmesee.com

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