Network is absolutely essential if you are going to succeed in the very competitive fashion industry.

Ralph Lauren started by designing mens ties: “I didn’t know how to make a tie,” Lauren confessed to Vogue in 1982.

History of Polo Ralph Lauren

“I didn’t know fabric, I didn’t know measurements. What did I know? That I was a salesman. That I was honest. And that all I wanted was quality.” Lauren’s ties were wider and more colorful than other ties on the market and they soon found a niche, first in small menswear stores and later in the fashionable Bloomingdale’s department store.

The Polo empire began in the late 1960s, when Lauren, then a clothing salesman, got sick of selling other people’s neckties and decided to design and sell his own. Lauren had no experience in fashion design, but he had grown up in the New York fashion world, selling men’s gloves, suits, and ties. In 1967, he went to his employer, Abe Rivetz, with a proposal to design a line of ties, but Rivetz told him, “The world is not ready for Ralph Lauren.”

Within a year, Lauren decided to form his own company with help from his brother Jerry and $50,000 in backing from Norman Hilton (Ralph Lauren’s first investor), a Manhattan clothing manufacturer.

The company, Polo Fashions, Inc. (which changed its name to Polo/Ralph Lauren Corporation in 1987), expanded the Polo menswear collection to include shirts, suits, and sportswear, as well as the trademark ties.

In a rare move, Lauren then began designing clothes for women as well as for men. His first designs–men’s dress shirts cut for women-met with great success in 1971, and soon sales topped $10 million.

Network is absolutely essential if you are going to succeed in the very competitive fashion industry. If you do not have an Ivy League employer with 150 years history in the fashion industry, willing to back you, success may take very long to accomplish.

ItsMeSee offers an unfair technology advantage to brands willing to stand with us.

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The New Luxury Buyer: Younger, Richer and Well-Wired

luxury brands

NYT Dec 02, 2014)

When brands like Gucci, Louis Vitton, Dior and Prada are struggling to survive in a market where the luxury fashion market is actually growing, everybody should take notice.

“That crowd is only going to get larger and more heterogeneous — both geographically and demographically, analysts say. By the end of this decade, the global luxury consumer base will probably reach 400 million people, according to Bain, and climb to 500 million by 2030. Most of that growth will be fueled by steady economic growth in emerging markets, particularly in Asia, as well as the proliferation of digital and mobile technologies that enable consumers and brands to connect with one another in new and different ways”

A digital revolution, most large fashion brands seems to have a “status quo” attitude to, have occurred. Flag stores and private showrooms is getting outdated. They are time consuming and often too much of a bother for the busy new high tech generation of rich people.

A fantasy budget for marketing is no longer enough to keep a market position. Digital presence and availability is the new mantra. The only question is; who will trigger the wave of change?

ItsMeSee is developing technology solutions for digital excellence. We are seeking luxury fashion brands and investors for our Pilot project.

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This movie explains what we are doing (prototype quality):




ItsMeSee is seeking fashion brands and designers

The ItsMeSee digitalization project has been working several years to create the most effective digital sales and marketing tool possible… Read more:



To fashion brands and designers


The ItsMeSee digitalization project has been working several years to create the most effective digital sales and marketing tool possible.

Several different technologies create the future medium for all kind of fashion.

Many designers are concerned the web stores are not representing their designs as good as they deserve. We build each clothing digitally down to the smallest detail. Every button, zipper and pocket works and helps give a realistic, dynamic presentation. Sizes are accurate and can be tried on adaptable digital mannequins, in any combination and style. This is as close to the real thing you can come without having the actual item present!

For the designer or fashion brand we let their own creation do the sales and marketing by making it stand out to the vast number of consumers in the busiest shopping street in the world, the internet.

People can now try on 3D interactive designs in a quality way beyond anything they have seen before!

USA Today wrote an article where the ItsMeSee concept was compared to others like the Amazone owned Zappos. This is what they wrote about ItsMeSee:

“If you really want to take your digital shopping experience to a never-before-seen level, ItsMeSee might be right up your alley. The company aims to eliminate buyer’s remorse by giving you as many techy shopping tools as you can handle, from basic sizing assistance all the way to creating a virtual clone able to try on an endless number of outfits.” (USA Today)

Our platform needs content and we are inviting fashion brands to join us and help fill it with amazing designs from around the world. Once we have collected and accepted enough brands, we will present these to our investors as part of our investment package.

Fashion designers and brands interested in being part of our pilot needs to contact us ASAP. If we accept your brand, we will send you a LOI (Letter Of Intent), which could be the basis for a contract later on.

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The ItsMeSee team


Fashion brands with ItsMeSee


ItsMeSee campaign is ending after in about a week.

We are happy to have been promoting this brands and hope to have a very truthful cooperation in the future also.

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