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Interview written by Rebecca Cringan

For the most part it’s about keeping pace with today’s consumer, a consumer with an attention span of maybe two or three months rather than years, as in the past.

There are literally billions of online digital devices out there  today.

Even if the consumer is planning on going to a bricks-and-mortar
store, they almost always browse online first,” says Alf Dagsvold, founder of
the Norwegian company ItsMeSee, an interactive 3-D browsing platform for consumer fashion. “To survive, the wholesaler and retailer have to take this
into consideration. It is not enough to have an online presence. It has to be much more consumer-centric and use the digital possibilities with all their potential.”

It seems a digital footprint is the only way to accurately ensure longevity
for your brand. “Ten years ago, advertising had much stronger channels
to the consumer than today,” continues Dagsvold. “Advertisements in
magazines, on TV, and the Internet were largely unavoidable for the
consumer. It is not so anymore as you can record programs and let the TV
filter off all commercials before seeing them, and there is also streaming
with no commercials at all. Pop-ups and ads can easily be blocked in
browsers. Reach and impressions used to define how well an advertisement was going and how many eyeballs it got. Over the last few years this has
changed drastically. Now it is about how much the consumer engages with
the product that defines the success of marketing. Product presentation, in useful, engaging tools, where the consumer has all the control, is the only
way to be around the next 10 years.”

To this end, Dagsvold and his team put consumers in the central, primary
position, allowing them to virtually try on any combination of apparel for look and fit. The combination of technology used makes the system smooth and user-friendly. “The digital representation with exact individual body shape
and measurements creates a highly personal experience,” says Dagsvold. “This gives consumers an opportunity to freely create their own looks but also the option of receiving automatic styling suggestions from an evolving, adaptive system.”

Brands working within the system have a prototype showroom that allows
them to see how consumers are engaging with their wares. Once that’s
determined, they can move the product to the Web store. “What we offer
is the opportunity to test products before starting large, costly production.
Plus, they then have a captured audience waiting,” says Dagsvold. “Regardless of how good products are, getting to market is often extremely challenging
for someone just starting up. There are buyers, wholesale agents, and store owners who are basically gatekeepers to existing infrastructure. Unless the
emerging designer is already quite wealthy, it can take years and years to reach a broad audience. A personal Web store is often not a very good option as it is very difficult, time-consuming, and costly to generate traffic. We want to
offer talent a real opportunity to prosper, without large upfront investment.”

It all comes back to Matthew Klein’s cloud-based PLM: “A digital footprint,”
he says, “if you’re not doing it, guaranteed your competition is.”


We are seeking fashion brands for our Pilot project.

Please contact for more information, or write a comment below.

Akila Oluchi by DBST- The smile you have to earn

Fashion, individual choice or industrial decision?




Large dominant brands are selling us dreams. They dress up photo models and celebrities in tailor-made versions of their clothes, then Photoshop them until they are almost not recognizable. These pictures create a dream and illusion they sell us through massive media campaigns.

How many of us have bought into this illusion only to find out we do not fit in the dream when the clothes, we have bought on-line, arrives. Because of all the hassles of returning clothes, we end up putting them in the back of the closet, only getting rid of them when enough time has passed for our guilty conscience to let it happen. This is not only bad for the environment, it is also putting a serious brake on on-line shopping and therefore our choices of stores and brands.

People have an aversion to fashion on-line.
The real power over what we buy is still with us; you and me.

This is under the assumption we have any real choices in fashion we can try on. Often this is not really the case as only a few dominating chains are available and within easy reach.

For many people on-line shopping is the only alternative to chain store selections.

When buying clothes on-line we still use technology developed for paper; The Photo. The digital media have possibilities web stores have not even begun to use. Clothes are dynamic flexible objects with a personality photos cannot bring out. They are individual choices and their personality needs to match our own.

The vision behind our project is to make all types of fashion universally available and bring out the full potential of the digital media. We allow you as a customer to try on clothes and accessories, to create whole outfits independent of brand and location. Effective, adaptive shopping and a selection not dictated by mass production alone will give our customers choices they would normally only find in small backstreet stores in big cities.

Our customers will stand out in any crowd of “average consumers”. Simply because they can!


  • We are seeking investors and fashion brands, see link above for contact info.


ItsMeSee is seeking fashion brands and designers

The ItsMeSee digitalization project has been working several years to create the most effective digital sales and marketing tool possible… Read more:



Seeking brands for ItsMeSee fashion hub



If millions of people all over the world can try on your designs, most of the job is done.The design will sell itself.

ItsMeSee is marketing and sales directly to the customers. People from all over the world can look at each fashion item like if they had it in their hand. They can even try it on for individual fit and look and order directly!

 Logo 2

How much will this cost the brand?

If we choose to work with your brand, we do all the digitalization and simulation work at our cost. Each simulation could take 100 man hrs or more to get to the level and quality we set as standard. The simulation will be like nothing you or your new customers have ever seen before!

Our whole purpose is to boost sales for the brands we cooperate with. We keep 20% of sales price from what we sell through the ItsMeSee fashion hub.

Each brand keep their own stock and ship out the products ordered. ItsMeSee is a pure marketing and sales channel.

If we cannot help increase your sales, we will not make money and it will not cost you anything. But if we can make your brands grow exponentially, as we expect we can, we will make tons of money and so will you.

Two Letters of Intent

Is your fashion brand interested, sign Letter of Intent (LOI) with us (not a contract, only a show of interest) and your brand will be considered for a contract. Send us a presentation of you and your brand and we will send you two LOI’s, one for participating on the pilot and one for being part of our fashion hub.

Please contact us: iva “at”


To fashion brands and designers


The ItsMeSee digitalization project has been working several years to create the most effective digital sales and marketing tool possible.

Several different technologies create the future medium for all kind of fashion.

Many designers are concerned the web stores are not representing their designs as good as they deserve. We build each clothing digitally down to the smallest detail. Every button, zipper and pocket works and helps give a realistic, dynamic presentation. Sizes are accurate and can be tried on adaptable digital mannequins, in any combination and style. This is as close to the real thing you can come without having the actual item present!

For the designer or fashion brand we let their own creation do the sales and marketing by making it stand out to the vast number of consumers in the busiest shopping street in the world, the internet.

People can now try on 3D interactive designs in a quality way beyond anything they have seen before!

USA Today wrote an article where the ItsMeSee concept was compared to others like the Amazone owned Zappos. This is what they wrote about ItsMeSee:

“If you really want to take your digital shopping experience to a never-before-seen level, ItsMeSee might be right up your alley. The company aims to eliminate buyer’s remorse by giving you as many techy shopping tools as you can handle, from basic sizing assistance all the way to creating a virtual clone able to try on an endless number of outfits.” (USA Today)

Our platform needs content and we are inviting fashion brands to join us and help fill it with amazing designs from around the world. Once we have collected and accepted enough brands, we will present these to our investors as part of our investment package.

Fashion designers and brands interested in being part of our pilot needs to contact us ASAP. If we accept your brand, we will send you a LOI (Letter Of Intent), which could be the basis for a contract later on.

For more information, please contact us at:

The ItsMeSee team


Fashion brands with ItsMeSee


ItsMeSee campaign is ending after in about a week.

We are happy to have been promoting this brands and hope to have a very truthful cooperation in the future also.

Have a look at their galleries:

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