Media press and blog coverage

Media press:

The future of fashion is digital technology at Apparel Insiders, Interview written by Rebecca Cringan. Read more at – ;



Global fashion web site wrote article about ItsMeSee

Just-style #ItsMeSee

Read more at 

We are featured on USA Today and now our finished campaign is attracting a lot of traffic:

USA Today writes: If you really want to take your digital shopping experience to a never-before-seen level, ItsMeSee might be right up your alley.


Trinagel Business Journal:

Yahoo Finance:

I want pop:

Virtual Strategy Magazine:

Italian cites:


Paper blog:

Got some interest in China as well.

 Interview about ItsMeSee (Bulgarian Language)

Interview with Ivelina Dagsvold on Bulgarian TV from 15.06.2015

Bulgarian newspapers:

“National Business Post”  .

One more aricle:


Article about ItsMeSee:

Statiata na Tanja_parva chast









We collaborate with bloggers from the whole world. Thank you:)

ItsMeSee will change the way we shop Online, by HULENCE


Vennta The blog is an essential part of – the most innovative online boutique in Bulgaria. Born as an idea in 2013, Through the eyes of VENTTA, became a free media that offers interesting material but it also gives the chance to people to express themselves. Read more: VENNTA collaborates with ItsMeSee and also the whole article about ItsMeSee on VENTTA`s blog

Amit Chandratechnology/fashion blogger, Read the article about ItsMeSee

Jaimie Mollie – personal shopper, internal and external image/body/healt/wardrobe stylist. Read more bout ItsMeSee at:

With fashion blogger Kyshana “Styled by Kishana”

With fashion, lifestyle and entertainment blogger Lizbeth Kariuki,The Fab Diaries

We had an interview with an African renown tech blogger Diaby Mohamed:



Fashion designer and founder of brand nÅrsk Ivelina Dagsvold




Twitter: @itsmeseedotcom


LinkedIn group: ItsMeSee –




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